Blue Lagoon and Trogir – Private Tour

    You are only one swim away from the most turquoise water in Croatia. If your idea of paradise includes clear blue sea and relaxing day on the beach, we have an ideal tour for you. Best way to experience islands is of course – by boat. Blue lagoon area, also know as a Croatian tropical paradise is located only 40 minutes by speedboat from Split town and it is perfect place for a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea.

    Blue Lagoon is a popular name for an area of Krknjasi Bay, east coast of the island Drvenik Veliki. It is natural shelter for those who want to escape city crowds and noise. Bay is accessible only by boat which makes it a perfect getaway from bustling city life.

    If you are chasing that postcard image you have dreamt about, you should join us on our popular half-day tour. This 5-hours tour is usually combined with city of Trogir and its stunning architecture but on private tour you can create your perfect itinerary and spend as much time as you want on your preferred spot.

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    You probably wonder why sea is so incredibly clear and blue in Krknjasi area. Sea floor is made of crushed sea shells mixed with white sand which under the sunlight produces amazing colors. Call them what you want – sky blue, azure, turquoise – but you cannot be indifferent to its gloriously shades of blue.

    Discover why the Blue Lagoon is so famous and popular. Why is the snorkeling so good? One extremely fun activity to do while in middle Dalmatia is snorkeling and Blue Lagoon is a perfect place to start discover the world just below the surface, whether you are a new or advanced snorkeler.

    You would find snorkeling gears on our speedboat and your adventure in crystal clear water can begin. There is probably no better location for snorkeling then the Krknaši Bay. This paradise lagoon attracts hundred of snorkelers each day and do not disappoint. If you are not underwater type and just want to unwind and float effortlessly, grab your spot under the pine trees. Here you can swim in the shimmering sea and stroll through picturesque alleys. Relax on the beach, enjoy everlasting sunshine, get some tan and fulfill your dreams of perfect vacations.

    You can visit Blue Lagoon and Trogir on Our Half Day Tour

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    If you are more city person and beach is not your first choice, Trogir’s old town will meet your expectations. It has a long history and UNESCO protected city center, beautiful promenade and amazing charm. Tap into the culture of Mediterranean city with a visit numerous bell towers, castles and palaces. For culture lovers, Trogir offer some of the best museums and ancient buildings. Our tour offers perfect balance of rich culture and stunning beaches, but you are more than welcome to change a route a little bit and make it more personal.

    Some of the most wonderful old monuments in Trogir are Fortress Kamerlengo from 15th century with gorgeous view, the City Cathedral with monument of Dalmatian scuplture, Gothic Town Hall from 15th century and the Ćipiko Palace constructed from 13th to 15th century. Coming to Trogir symbolically means coming to experience historical time because the oldest monument from the 4th century BC is the inscription on the relief of Kairos, the Greek God of Happy Moments. To gain some luck, the one has to grab a tuft of his hair while he is running. So, choose Trogir and catch some unforgettable moments!


    If you want to make some changes with your itinerary, we can combine a visit to the island of Šolta, famous for olives because most families grow olives and produce tasty olive oil of high quality. Šolta is also famous for beekeepers and Olintio honey, made of wild rosemary.

    The third gastro specialty of Šolta is Dobričić wine, made of the Dobričić type of grape which is Šolta’s indigenous grape. Since an island is not the island if it doesn’t have some nice beaches, you can visit some of the most famous – beach Punta in Maslinica, the Špikova bay with a sand beach or the Veli Dolac beach near the village of Stomorska. All of these are the perfect choice for families with children, so make time to dive in a little bit during your visit.

    FROM € 600
    Private Tour Booking

    Explore Croatian islands while sun is blazing above your head. Visit some authentic locations from our carefully crafted itineraries. First time in Croatia and don’t know what are you looking for? We’ve got you covered! We will take you beyond your expectations. Let refreshing waves take your everyday stress away. There is something for everyone, contact our Šugaman team and we will design a perfect day just for you.