Private Blue Lagoon tour
Private Blue lagoon tour from Split

Private Blue Lagoon and Trogir Tour

 € From 700 for up to 12 people

Tour Duration:
04:30 hours

Departure Times:
09:30 / 14:30

Departure Days:
every day

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selected hotels

Tour Description

Did you know that you’re just one swim away from a cerulean paradise; where a rainbow of blue will captivate you? Meet the Blue Lagoon, an ultramarine haven just a 40-minute speedboat ride away from Split. Because Croatia’s coast is best experienced by boat, we have an unforgettable day at sea planned for you in the Promised Land; a day where you’ll not only bask under the summer sun in a tropical bliss, but where you’ll also get a taste of Croatia’s colorful history.

First up is the Blue Lagoon, the popular name for the vibrant Krknjaši bay, east of the Veliki Drvenik island. An oasis for those looking to escape the city crowds and buzz, the Blue Lagoon is only accessible by boat, which makes it all the more exclusive. A beach setting straight out of a fairytale or your favorite film, we know you’ve seen the Blue Lagoon in your dreams, and now you get to experience it for real.

But that’s not all. 

If you’re up for it, we suggest you blend the beach with a touch of history, and make time to visit the museum town of Trogir on this half-day tour. An UNESCO-protected gem flaunting an exciting cultural heritage and intact, ancient architecture, Trogir is one of Dalmatia’s must-see cities, so why wouldn’t you see it, too?

Because this tour can be customized to your liking, you get the last word on how you’d like to share your time. We are by your side to make it work, and we are listening.

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What makes the sea spectacularly shine blue in the Krknjaši bay? We’re glad you asked. The seafloor of Krknjaši bay is composed of crushed seashells that combine with the white sand, and when the sun hits, it is illuminated by ’50 shades of blue’.

It’s not hard to see why this bay has turned into one of Dalmatia’s hotspots, because who would pass this up?

The Blue Lagoon is even a utopia for snorkelers of all types –  from those who enjoy it recreationally to those who consider themselves enthusiasts of the underwater world. It’s obvious why snorkeling reigns supreme at the Blue Lagoon, as the spectrum of colors presents a new opportunity with each depth and shade. Lucky for you, we carry snorkeling gear on board, so you can join the others on an undersea adventure

But if you aren’t up for snorkeling, that’s fine too. The Blue Lagoon is a shelter for sunbathers, swimmers, or shade-happy loungers who’d prefer to post up under the pines. Whether you choose to unwind or put your legs to use, the Blue Lagoon welcomes you with open arms.

You can visit Blue Lagoon and Trogir on Our Half Day Tour

Book your spot and join us for an speedboat adventure!

Half-Day Tour from Split


And if you aren’t a beach person? We even have something for you. Meet Trogir, an ancient Mediterranean town that is also one of Croatia’s UNESCO-protected prized locations. A museum town thanks to its intact architecture and vibrant history, you’ll have the chance to roam its streets and wander its alleyways, tapping into its cultural heritage and coastal charm.

Trogir boasts bell towers, castles and palaces, museums and ancient buildings. Some of Trogir’s acclaimed monuments include the 15th-century Kamerlengo castle, the Romanesque-Gothic Catholic cathedral, the 15th-century Gothic Town Hall and the Ćipiko Palace constructed from 13th to 15th century. You’ll even get to check out its oldest monument, the inscription on the relief of Kairos, the Greek God of Happy Moments, which dates back to the 4th-century.

A visit to Trogir’s historic core will transport you back to a simpler time; a time so very long ago.

This tour offers a perfect balance of Croatia’s culture and captivating coastline, and you have the chance to tailor it to your liking.

Blue Lagoon tour map


If you’re looking for something even more exclusive, we’d suggest adding the land of olives and honey to your itinerary – the island of Šolta. Famous for its award-winning olive oil produced by local families and for Olintio honey made of wild rosemary, Šolta is also home to Dobričić, a grape variety that is native to the island.

Dalmatia’s best-kept secret as it somehow has not been exposed to the footsteps of tourism, unlike its popular counterparts Brač and Hvar, Šolta boasts breathtaking beaches and bays, including Punta in Maslinica, the sandy Špikova bay, or Veli Dolac beach near the village of Stomorska. You’ll want to jump right in.

If you’re looking to explore Croatia’s islands, visit a UNESCO gem, and dig into the local gastronomy, why look anywhere else?

With us, you can carefully craft your itinerary to ensure each meticulous detail has your seal of approval. We’ll be right by your side along the way as a helping hand to your dream holiday.
Our goal is to take you beyond your expectations; to turn your holiday dreams into reality. It’s time to let the sea wash your stress away.

Contact us with your holiday ideas so we can get a head start on planning your personalized getaway. Your wish is our command, and your happiness is our success.