Plitvice National Park – Private Tour

    Since Plitvice Lakes became a national park in 1949, thousands of tourists are driven to Croatia each year to see one of nature’s best miracles. But when it was registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, its popularity grew and even more curious travellers arrived at Plitvice to explore and experience its 16 continuously evolving cascading lakes. Plitvice’s interconnected lakes follow the flow of water and they are separated by travertine barriers changing its colors like chameleons depending on various factors- like the minerals or organisms present or the angle of the sun.

    We start early from Split to ensure that we have enough time for exploring and inhaling this nature’s miracle. We have to say- this four-hour drive will be anything but long or boring. In our luxury air-conditioned vehicle, you’ll enjoy the advantage of free WiFi and comfort on the 250 kilometres long road to Plitvice, which will make the time pass with ease. Our guide, full of stories and interesting facts is with you all along the way and before you know it- you’ll be ready to enjoy this nature’s finest fairy tale.

    UP TO 19 PEOPLE:
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    Private Tour Booking

    How does the tour look like?

    Plitvice Lakes tour map
    We will start with Plitvice’s Upper Lakes- the series of twelve interconnected lakes. At this point your cameras will already be filled with most incredible photos full of memories, but we will continue filling it on our next part of the way- the Lower Lakes.

    Located within the limestone canyon, Plitvice’s Lower Lakes consists of four lakes, and features the major attractions of this National park.

    After a solid four hours of sightseeing, with half an hour break in between, you’ll have one more hour to have a local lunch in one of the traditional restaurants.
    With your bellies full and a lifetime of memories, we’ll make our way back to Split with ease and ensure you arrive on time for dinner in our Dalmatian capital.

    You can visit Upper and Lower Plitvice Lakes on Our Daily Tour

    Book your spot and join us for an outdoors adventure!

    Day Tour from Split

    Inside the Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Exploring the Upper Lakes will be the beginning of your adventure.

    Scenic wooden paths will take you among the series of twelve interconnected lakes and you’ll meet Prošćansko Lake, Okrugljak Lake and Labudovac Fall, which is formed by the flow of Ciginovac Lake when it streams into Okrugljak. Interesting fact is that Labudovac is 20 meters tall!

    From here, your guide will lead you to Veliko, Malo, Vir, and Batinovac, which are all connected to Galovac, which are known as one of the park’s most beautiful attractions. Wooden, walking paths will take you right over the lake through this park’s most photographed area.

    After the Upper Lakes, you’ll get to explore the Lower Lakes which are shortly said- true spectacle. This part of the journey involves sightseeing by boat and on foot where our first stop is Lake Milanovac. Here you will discover nearly 20 meters high Milanovački Slap waterfall and you’ll definitely spend some time here taking photos. Part of the Lower Lakes is the Milka Trnina waterfall, named after a famous Croatian soprano who made her mark in the country in the early 1900s.

    The most photographed attraction in the park are the Great Cascades whose colors vary from blue to turquoise, grey and emerald and make you not to believe your eyes, it’s a true fairy-tale!

    For the end of our sightseeing we have left the biggest attraction of the entire park – the Great Waterfall. Thanks to its heavy flow, the Great Waterfall pours out from a height of 78 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in the entire country.

    You will stare open-mouthed because this area has a great deal of viewpoints at this nature’s wonder.

    What to bring?

    For spending a full day at Lakes at leisure, we advise following:

    – First and most important is a very comfortable pair of shoes, since you’ll be walking for many hours over wooden paths
    – Water is always our second important advice because no matter the season, you’ll need to hydrate yourself along the day
    – Bring your smartphone or a professional camera, because taking photos on Plitvice Lakes will be your personal record in photo shooting!
    -Dress in layers because it is always a bit chillier near the waterfalls, light jacket can always be handy
    -When you are in Croatia- sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are must have, because we are really sunny country
    -Some light snacks in your backpacks because it is a long day with lots of walking before we reach a lunch time and since inside the park there are no grocery shops- it is the best to come prepared with water and snacks

    Plitvice Lakes National Park rules

    Please notice that there are some rules that visitors to Plitvice Lakes must abide:

    – Don’t swim in the zone of the National Park
    – Don’t damage the trees
    – Don’t pick and devastate the plants
    – Don’t drop litter
    – Don’t walk outside the marked footpaths
    – Yelling is forbidden
    – Don’t disturb the animals
    – Don’t light a fire
    – Don’t fish
    – Don’t camp in the National Park zone
    – Don’t walk dogs unleashed
    – Don’t damage the rocks
    – Don’t feed the animals
    – Cycling is forbidden

    Can you swim inside Plitvice Lakes National Park?

    Unlike Krka National Park, swimming is strictly forbidden at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

    Why is our private tour the best way of getting to Plitvice Lakes National Park from Split?

    Plitvice Lakes is around 250 kilometers north of Split and driving time ranges between 3-4 hours, depending on your mode of transport.
    Large buses from Split to Plitvice Lakes are one of the options, though travel time could reach up to 5.5 hours, and buses are usually crowded and warm.

    Also, you could rent a car and take the highway up to Plitvice from Split, but it is very exhausting since there are pretty much kilometers to cross in both directions. Not to mention the prices and costs of car, fuel and highway too.

    UP TO 19 PEOPLE:
    € 1,400
    € 700
    € 550
    Private Tour Booking

    With us, you will be spoiled with our guide who will take you across most beautiful paths inside the park and inform you with so many interesting and funny stories all along the way. And after 4 hours of walking, trust us- you just want to have a lunch, then sit down and unwind while you are driven by our chauffeur in our air-conditioned, WiFi equipped, and luxury minibus, which will get you there and back in comfort and style.

    So, if you ever get the chance to be in Split, don’t miss the opportunity to discover why are the Plitvice Lakes a part of UNESCO Heritage Sites and we will surely prove you that our private tour was the best choice for this adventure!