Our Fleet

    We put safety above all else; that’s why an experienced and fully qualified team mans each of our boats and vehicles. To help them do their jobs better, we have the latest GPS navigation and tracking equipment on board.


    Our boats are top-of-the-line crafts powered by the latest generation engines and manufactured to exact specifications.
    In terms of safety, these boats are manned by experienced and fully qualified boat crew. Further, each boat comes equipped with the latest GPS navigation and safety equipment, assuring that the ride of your life turns out to be a smooth and safe one.

    Boat specifications:
    • 10 seat rib boats
    • 20 seat GRP boats
    • Powered by the latest generation of engines producing up to 500hp
    • Can operate safely in any weather condition
    • Custom made seating for all passengers and crew

    The latest-generation engines that power our boats can produce up to 500hp and can operate safely even in challenging weather conditions, ensuring our passengers always have a safe and satisfying ride.

    Recognizable by their quiet signature sound, our outboard engines meet – and, in many cases, exceed – the world’s most stringent emission standards.

    Life Jackets

    Vibrant, fresh and ultra lightweight life jackets are provided for everybody on board! In addition, we customized our life jackets to make them attractive and comfortable to wear.


    We carefully chose the vehicles we use on our tours for their comfort, viewing ability, ease of entry and exit, and most of all safety. Leather seating, large automatic sliding doors and oversized tinted sightseeing windows make these vans incredible sightseeing machines. We know you’ll love them.

    Extra amenities include…
    – Reclining seats allow you to relax in comfort, or take a nap on the way home
    – WiFi on board every vehicle
    – Enhanced stereo system with flat screen TV and CD/DVD player
    – Hook-up for your Iphone, Ipod, or mobile device

    The following list shows the many types of vehicles available to your group..

    Luxury SUV

    • Heated leather seats.
    • Two-Zone Climate Dual control front and rear
    • TV/DVD on rear seats
    • Audio System (250w) with 8 Speakers
    • Bluetooth® Audio Streaming
    • USB and power socket front and rear
    • WiFi onboard

    8 Passenger Executive Van

    • 8 high-back reclining captain leather seats.
    • Automatic slide door entry system, for easy entry /exit.
    • 3-colour ambient interior lighting
    • Large tinted sightseeing windows.
    • Dual control heat and A/C.
    • DVD/CD system.
    • WiFi on board

    19 Seat Luxury Touring Mini-coach

    • 19 high-back reclining leather seats
    • Overhead baggage storage.
    • DVD/CD system with LCD screens.
    • USB socket at every seat
    • Large tinted sightseeing windows.
    • Front and rear heat and air-conditioning systems.
    • Custom on-board cooler
    • WiFi onboard