Car rental in Split

    Rent a Car in Split and Enjoy Numerous Benefits

    Car rental in Split is in great demand primarily because the location of Split, in the middle of Dalmatia, which makes it an ideal destination to explore numerous tourist destinations and attractions only a short driving distance away.

    You can rent a car in Split and head for a one and a half hour drive, on a coastal road with beautiful sea panorama, passing through small towns and villages to reach Krka National Park and spend a day out in the nature before returning to Split later that same day.

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    Car rental in Split Vehicle Selection?

    Car rental service in Split provide you with a large selection of cars for different group sizes and for different budgets as well. You will be pleasantly surprised with the huge selection of cars available for rental and you can easily filter through them using the drop-down box on our on line booking form. You will find small, compact and intermediate cars as well as the selection of SUV’s. For business and leisure travelers there is also selection of luxury cars as well as a certain old timer if you are looking to spice up the trip down the coastal roads of Croatia.

    To enjoy in the sun and the mild summer breeze while driving through picturesque towns and villages constantly followed by the breathtaking panorama you will enjoy our selection of cabriolet vehicles available for rental from Split.

    Larger families and groups can choose between different sizes of cars and vans. The top capacity for the group in one vehicle is nine at this point but you can always choose to rent more than one vehicle.

    Some of the advantages of car rental in Split service provided here is that there are no hidden costs once you rent a car. What you see is what you pay. You can also choose to rent a car in Split and leave it in the city of your destination which is perfect option if you want to explore more of Croatian before returning home.

    You can also choose to pick up and drop of vehicle outside of our offices. In that case the desired vehicle will be delivered to you before your departure and picked up after you drop it off. With our car rental service from Split you can also leave outside the borders of Croatia.

    Where to go when you rent a car from Split

    As we have already written once you rent a car in Split you can go for a day in nature and visit Krka National Park. You will be pleased to know that swimming is allowed within specified regions of this protected area so make sure you bring your swimsuit. It is not ofter you get the opportunity to swim in the crystal waters of National Park.

    When visiting Krka it is smart to make a stop in Sibenik as well as it is on the way when you drive from Split. Besides St. Jacob cathedral, which is a site on itself, Sibenik will amaze you with its fortresses. It doesn’t only have one fortress as usually towns do, Sibenik has four of them.

    Out on the same route is Zadar. You may have heard of its sea organ on the main promenade or perhaps watched the video of the mesmerizing sounds being played by sea waves and currents. After Zadar, the next stop on the way towards capital city Zagreb is Plitvice lakes Natural Park. Even though there is two and a half to three hour drive from Split to Plitvice Natural Park it is a trip worth making. Plitvice will astound you with its untouched nature, numerous interconnecting lakes, wildlife and ultimately the largest waterfall in Croatia.

    When you head down from Split towards Dubrovnik there are numerous interesting stops you can make your daily trip to when renting a car from Split. Some thirty minutes away and you will find yourself in the canyon of Cetina river and beautiful town of Omis. You can climb the fortress on top of Omis mountain and have an unprecedented view of Cetina canyon, Omis and its large sandy beach. On Cetina you can choose to enjoy in the rafting or canyoning tour which will definitively round up your day.

    Following the road down to Dubrovnik you can make towns like Baska Voda, Brela, Tucepi or Makarska your destination for the day. All of these towns have beautiful beaches for you to enjoy and various leisure and sport facilities.

    Car rental in Split is also very popular with people who wish to visit Dubrovnik for a day or two. During summer a trip to Dubrovnik can last between three and a half to four hours but they are always worth while considering you are about to visit the most recognizable destination in Croatia. Don’t pass on the opportunity to walk the city walls, walk the Stradun street, taste local delicacies and enjoy in the pristine sea on numerous town beaches.