Blue Lagoon tour, Plitvice Tour and Split walking tour
Blue Lagoon tour, Plitvice Tour and Split walking tour from Split

€ 119 per person / Blue Lagoon – Plitvice Lakes – Split City Tour


Tour description

If you’re up for a taste of everything on your Croatian vacation, like diving head first into colorful lagoons, becoming one with nature, and wandering the alleyways of a Roman emperor’s palace, then you’ll want to keep reading – we have just the right tour for you.


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Blue Lagoon-Plitvice Lakes-Split City Tour

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€ 119


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Blue Lagoon & Trogir Tour

Ticket Price: € 60

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The hypnotizing Blue Lagoon is a delight for all enthusiasts of the sea, raw beauty, and a compelling palette of colors. Surrounded by three isolated islands, Krknjaši Bay is your prime position to post up under the pines and uncover the depths of the underwater world below you – it is a utopia for snorkelers, after all.

Blue Lagoon tour map
Useful tips

You’ll want to keep your camera handy at the Blue Lagoon, but since it is a boat tour, we recommend bringing a waterproof phone case for protection. And let’s not forget a swimsuit, towel, and all the accessories needed for a day in the sun.

Plitvice Lakes tour

Ticket Price: € 65

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This is your chance to explore Plitvice Lakes, the biggest national park in Croatia, which has also secured a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Delve into its 16 colorful and interconnected lakes, lush forests, cascading falls and abundant flora and fauna that are destined to secure a spot in your memory bank.

Useful tips

Dress casually and wear comfortable walking shoes to ensure nothing can stop you from enjoying this park to the fullest. Check the weather and choose the proper attire (each season at Plitvice brings something different) – and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Split Walking tour

Ticket Price: € 14

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Our local guide will reveal the secrets that lie within one of Croatia’s prized UNESCO gems – Diocletian’s Palace. Uncover why the old town is the heartbeat of this thriving city and have your camera ready as around every corner inside the Palace there is a great photo opportunity.

view from the Split bell tower
Useful tips

We’ll do a bit of walking on this tour, so a pair of comfortable shoes is definitely the right choice. Keep a cool water bottle handy, wear a hat, load up on SPF, and don’t be afraid to strut your sunglasses as the Split locals do!