Get ready for the Days of Diocletian – Summer 2016

Diocletian Palace, as many of you know, was built from year 295 till the year 305 A.D. The Palace became the center of Split which grew around it throughout the centuries. In honor of this ancient history every year Split is celebrating the Days of Emperor Diocletian.

The purpose of the Days of Diocletian spectacle is to bring closer to the people the way Split looked and felt during this ancient times. So get ready to walk back in time when Emperor Diocletian walked the streets of the city.

This year the Days of Diocletian start on 2nd of September when the assembly for the Ceremonial Parade gathers in front of the entrance to the Diocletian Substructures (basements) on the main promenade (Riva) at 07:00 PM.

The ceremony on Riva (main waterfront in front of the Palace) last till 10 PM when you can enjoy the concert of Sunnysiders. During the ceremony you will have the opportunity to see the ceremonial carriage parade, a game of ancient Roman football and the show by Emperor Diocletian. There will also be an interesting presentation on what was the typical menu and which foods were consumed during the ancient Roman times.

The main show starts at the Emperor Square (Peristyle) at 08:30 PM. Emperor Diocletian will address the gathered citizens after which all present will enjoy in the legion line up and everlasting crowd pleaser, the gladiator fights. During the ceremony on Peristyle you will also take pleasure in in the sight of Roman women dancing with fire.

The main attraction of Days of Diocletian spectacle is definitively gala Roman dinner with Emperor Diocletian held in the Palace basements. The setting of Diocletian basements along with the Ancient Roman food menu will take you back to those ancient times better than any movie experience you may have seen. The ancient Roman architecture, combined with the scent and taste of ancient Roman foods, will paint the perfect picture of ancient Split. During the Gala Roman dinner in the Diocletian basements toga is the obligatory dress code, so make sure to come prepared.

During the entire spectacle of Diocletian days from 1st to 4th of September there will be an ancient Roman fair where you can witness presentation and promotion of products and maybe bring souvenir or two back home with you to forever remind you of the ancient times you’ve spent in Split.

For the complete Days of Diocletian schedule and everything that awaits you on this year’s Days of Diocletian please follow this link