Top Reasons for Staying at an Old Town Hostel in Split

Old town hostel in Split, Croatia

You are bound to have a wonderful time in Split, Croatia, given the city’s unique atmosphere and rich cultural heritage and the multiple attractions that it has to offer. The first thing which you need to do when planning your trip is to book accommodation along with your ticket. One of the most popular options, especially with young people, is to stay at an old town hostel in Split. Find out why this could be the best choice for you too.

1. You’re Right in the Middle of the Action

The old town is the heart of the city. If you stay at an old town hostel, you will be surrounded by 1700 literally. The city and its center, in particular, have a very interesting story. Around the turn of the 4th century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who was originally from Dalmatia, built his palace the beautiful Adriatic coast. When the empire collapsed, the palatial complex was virtually abandoned until people from the surrounding region started flocking in to protect themselves from invaders. They built their homes and shops within the palace walls and the city started expanding from there. That is why if you stay in the old town, your window may overlook a medieval street, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius or a house built during the Renaissance.

When you stay at an old town hostel, you will be a short walking distance from all of the major historic attractions in the city including Diocletian’s Palace with its famous gates, the Peristyle, which is a popular venue for live performances, and the Temple of Jupiter. You should not miss to take a short stroll to People’s Square (Pjaca) and enjoy a refreshing drink at the iconic City Cafe or another one of its charming counterparts. The 17the century Cindro Palace is another major attraction in the nearby area with its amazing Baroque architecture.

It may go without saying, but during your stay in Split, you will be close to all the popular restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes in the city, if you choose to stay at an old town hostel. You don’t have to worry about getting the directions right or catching a cab when you want to enjoy delicious food and fine Dalmatian wine or party all night long. In fact, the old town is a zone without cars so you will be able to immerse in its wonderful atmosphere without any kind of disturbance. You will have a fabulous time, for sure.

2. Diverse Accommodation for Every Taste

You can choose a classic dorm room that you will share with others or an en-suite room which comes with its own toilet and shower facilities and can accommodate two or more people. You can expect to find both options in virtually any old town hostel in Split. It is up to you to decide which one will be better for you given your preferences and budget.

3. Great Amenities for Modern Tourists

Even though the building you are staying at or the one that it shares a wall with may be hundreds of years old, you can expect the hostel to offer a variety of modern amenities. While not all rooms are spacious, they are certainly clean, bright and well-maintained. Most hostels have air conditioning in all rooms which is a fantastic boon, especially during the hot summer days and nights. This is also the case with Wi-Fi. Guests can usually use it for free anywhere within the building and in its yard, if it has any. You should keep in mind that some hostels in the old town of Split boast with beautiful gardens which are great places for relaxation, especially on lazy afternoons.

Tips on Booking the Ideal Accommodation

Practically every old town hostel in Split is very busy from early spring to late fall so it makes sense to book your accommodation as early as possible. You should keep in mind that the peak tourist season in the city includes the months of July and August. If you plan to visit Split during these months, you must make a booking even earlier. While it’s theoretically possible to grab a last-minute hostel offer for the peak holiday season, chances are slim. That is why you should start with the planning now.

Find the best hostels in old town Split

If all the hostels are booked you can always look for an accommodation in some of hotels in Split.