Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral

Cathedral and bell tower

Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian was deservedly recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Spectacular view from the highest part of the Palace- St.Domnius cathedral bell tower is something that you do not want to miss!

On our walking tour, you will skip the waiting line and enter this stunning beauty with our guide.

Mix of ancient history and modern life is something that leaves a strong impression on visitors of this 18 centuries old Palace. Each step of this tour is like travelling back in time through charming streets of this beating heart of Split, since every single piece of the palace is full of interesting stories and historical mind-blowing values.

After hearing incredible stories about influence of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines & Venetians, climbing the top of the St.Domnius cathedral is the highlight of the tour.

View which will leave you breathless from the place where thousands of selfies have ‘flown’ to the Far East, all across the Europe and all the other continents of the world.

Up to the top runs a path with over 180 steps of this 60 meters high Bell and trust us- each step is worth it! Once you reach the top, the scenery of red roofs and stone walls under you combined with amazing sea view will leave you speechless.

Skip the line and climb the bell tower on our walking tour

We will start exploring this fascinating town from the bronze model of the Palace on the main promenade in Split, walking among astonishing historical sites and hidden alleys of the Palace. Learn about phenomenal architecture, rich history and modern life, all combined in this unique 3D living city.

Discover sensational substructure of the Palace and discover so many details about incredible history of the Palace and its great emperor Diocletian. The Peristil square is the best-preserved 3D living square in the world where you will feel just like in some other ancient world, enter Vestibul- empire’s ‘lobby’ and admire still proudly standing Golden gates on the north and Iron gates on the south of the Palace walls.

And don’t forget to make a wish and touch a toe for the good luck of the 6 meters high statue of Gregory of Nin!