Looking for Beach Hotel in Split? The Top Beaches and the Accommodation Near Them

When holiday makers think about Split in Croatia, the first thing which comes to mind is perhaps Diocletian’s Palace followed by the Old Town with its many other historic sites. At the same time, the city has a lot of recreational options to offer.

One of the most famous landmarks in Split is Park Forrest Marjan where you can experience the majority of recreational options like running a park forest trails, renting a bike or perhaps even experience some rock climbing on the south side of Marjan hill. Since Marjan hill is a peninsula, you can also go on a kayaking tour and paddle all around it.

Split is also in close proximity to Cetina river canyon where you can experience additional recreational options (Rafting, Canyoning, Zipline) in the beautiful natural setting. Approximately one hour drive from Split you will find yourself in the protected area of Krka National Park where you can experience swimming right by the Krka Waterfalls on out popular Krka tour.

When you consider the location of Split, its rich cultural heritage, activities and natural beauties that surround it, it is no wonder Split is becoming among the favorite Croatian destination to vacationers. But besides all that, there is another feature that distinguishes Split from other major cities in Europe.

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Split is a beach city

There are numerous beaches in Split and with each year, thanks to combined efforts of the locals, the sea quality is improving. You can now enjoy in the clear sea and clean beaches right in the heart of Split.

If you plan spending some or most of your days in Split at the beach, you should consider a hotel that will give you quick access to the relaxation and fun that you are looking for. How do you find a beach hotel in Split? Let’s take a look at the most popular beaches in the city and the accommodation options near them.

Bacvice Beach

This is the best-known beach in the city and it’s just one kilometer away from the center. It has soft sand and shallow turquoise water which is more than inviting. Bacvice Beach is particularly popular with young people who play picigin, a fun beach game which originated locally. It’s practically open around the clock because of the bars and clubs where you can have a nice drink and dance till dawn.

Bacvice beach is a also popular for families with children for its shallow bay and the opportunity for kids to build castles in the sand or play number of water games.

There is one hotel the immediate area of Bacvice Beach called Hotel Park. There are also some other cozy places just a few minutes away from the water. You can opt for standard or luxury hotel accommodation, depending on your preferences. You can also find apartment accommodation as well. It’s a fine choice for those who would like some more privacy and prefer to do their own cooking. Another option is to stay at one of the hotels in the Old Town of Split where all the action is and take a stroll or a short ride to this gorgeous centrally located beach.

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Trstenik Beach and the Local Area

The pebbles massaging your feet and the beach bars where you can sit down and relax make this beach picture-perfect. Indeed, it is one of the most relaxing places in Split. Whether you prefer to just lie on a sunbed under the shade of a parasol or to swim, you will find Trstenik Beach to be just right for you. It is in a predominantly residential part of the city and there are welcoming beach hotels close to it. You can find resort-style accommodation which is excellent for those looking to use a variety of sports and recreational facilities just steps away from their room.

The coastal area around Trstenik is full of smaller beaches and there are many beach hotels welcoming tourists. The variety is considerable, so there is certainly something for every taste and budget. You can rent a hotel room or an apartment, depending on your preferences and plans for your stay in Split. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a room with a view of the Adriatic. It’s amazing to wake up and see the waves sparkling under the sun.

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Beaches in the Marjan Hill Area

Marjan Hill is a large natural park in Split, offering great walking and biking opportunities. It is set on a small peninsula whose shores are dotted with pebble beaches. Kastelet Beach has the reputation of a party place, so you can expect to meet a lot of young people there. Kasjuni is more family-orientated. It’s a pebble beach, so if you visit it, you should not forget to bring your flipflops, especially in case you have more sensitive feet.

There is a new bar opened on Kasjuni beach called the Joe’s Bar providing shaded deck chairs and number of additional sea activities you can take a part of. There is also a boat operated by Joe’s bar which takes you from Split’s promenade right to the Kasjuni beach.

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To be close to these beaches, you should focus your search on the hotels in Varos, the neighborhood which is closest to Marjan Hill. It is the second oldest in the city after the Old Town and has charming stone-paved streets and old houses. In addition to classic hotel accommodation, you will find rental apartments in this part of the city. Just keep in mind that the places where you can stay in Varos are not many, so advance planning and booking is highly recommended.

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Some of the hotel search engines above do not give you the good results so is you have a beach in mind where you would like to spend most of your beach time in Split, make sure that your hotel or other accommodation is close to that beach. Majority of the apartments are located on the north side of Marjan hill while the beaches from this article are all on its south side.

When looking for beach hotel in Split, you should not take your time to make a choice, especially if you plan to visit the city during the peak tourist season from late June to September. It is also wise to plan your itinerary in detail and book any trips that you would like to take during your stay in advance. Once you arrive, you will have no organizational matters to worry about, but simply enjoy the nature, culture, history, entertainment and various activities that Split has to offer.

If you want to find out more about beaches in Split, take a look at our insider’s selection of Split Croatia beaches.