Snorkeling on Sugaman Tours just got a Lot more Fun with EasyBreath Masks

easybreathmaskonsugamantourssplitSugaman Tours is constantly exploring new technologies and innovation in travel and technology industry as a part of its continuous program to always provide its guests with the best possible experience of it’s signature speedboat tours to Split islands.

As a part of this research we have just acquired brand new, state of the art, EasyBreath snorkeling masks that will give a whole new dimension to this popular activity.

Snorkeling in the Adriatic Sea

A lot of people who come to our tours are not even aware that there is opportunity for swimming and snorkeling on almost every stop of our daily tours. This is possible thanks to the clean sea with nice temperature for swimming and snorkeling. The surface temperatures in Adriatic sea usually ranges between 22 to 24 °C which is just perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It is worth noting that the highest surface temperature ever measured in the Adriatic was 28.8 °C (source)

In Croatia certain fears can be set aside. Adriatic sea is extremely clean and its temperature is just right. There are no sharks and other sea animals that could pose threat to a casual swimmer. In other words conditions are just perfect for all the snorkeling enthusiast and people who simply enjoy swimming in the clear blue sea.

What is so special about EasyBreath masks?

EasyBreath mask is a brand new innovation of Tribord company which is responsible for a number of cool innovations such as Izeber Floating Jacket and Iwiko One Second Sun Shelter.

The main advantages of EasyBreath masks are

easybreathsnorkelingmaskonsugamantourssplit– Breathing naturally through mouth and nose as you do outside the water. That is correct, there is no more need to put snorkel into your mouth a breathing unnaturally only through mouth. Plus, some people are uneasy to put snorkel into their mouth especially when they know someone else was using the snorkel before them.

– Unparalleled 180 degree underwater view. Easy breath mask is covering your entire face and because of its size it gives unobstructed view on both sides.

– Snorkel, which is located on top of the mask and doesn’t go into ones mouth, is equipped with a system which prevents the sea from entering the snorkel as you dive into the water or as the wave covers the snorkel. This unique system totally negates the need to blow out the water as you dive out which is a great benefit as a lot of people are not experienced enough to perform this procedure but instead are forced to take the snorkel out of the mouth and empty the water from it.

Top of the snorkel on EasyBreath mask is also colored with bright colors which makes the diver easily visible from the outside.

– The double airflow system in the mask is preventing it from fogging up which provides the constant clear view of the underwater and thus giving much more pleasure and enjoyment on each snorkel.

Instructions on Using EasyBreath snorkeling masks

instructionsforeasybreathmaskonsugamantourssplit– EasyBreath masks are designed for surface snorkeling and not for deep dives. Generally you can dive in up to one meter deep, anything more than that is not comfortable for the diver.

– Because EasyBreath snorkeling mask covers the entire face, men should shave their beards before using them. Otherwise it is possible that the mask doesn’t seal the face perfectly allowing the water to come inside the mask. If you have long hair make sure it doesn’t go inside the mask as the mask will not seal the face perfectly as well.

– While snorkeling if you tilt the head too much forward or if the wave comes over your head the valve at the top of the snorkel closes obstructing the breathing for that moment.

– The mask should be protected from the sand as the sand particles can scratch the window of the mask. The sand can also enter the valve on the top of the snorkel preventing it to work properly and allowing the water to enter through the snorkel inside the mask. If you notice the sand on the mask rinse the mask well before putting it on.

– If you notice a little water inside your mask simply raise your head and the water will be let out of the mask by the valve.

We hope you will enjoy new and improved snorkeling on Sugaman Signature Tours with EasyBreath masks. If you prefer snorkeling and diving traditionally we provide regular snorkeling masks as well.