The Pulling of Mrduja Island

If you are passing by on a ferry boat and see 175 ships on each side of a  small island with ropes tied to the island, trying to pull the island to their side, you don’t have to blame the sunstroke for the scene. What you have just witnessed is the annual event marking the rivalry between inhabitants from Brač and Šolta islands, over the right to the island of Mrduja settled between them. There is absolutely nobody living on this small island and it would certainly be totally forgotten if it wasn’t for the pride of the inhabitants of Brač and Šolta.

visitmrdujatuggingwarSince they both like a good joke and an opportunity to hang out, this argue has turned into the traditional rope pulling with the intention to pull the island just a little bit closer to them. For 15 minutes, after the gun from Mrduja fires, local people joined by tourists, use the strength of their muscles to pull Mrduja and earn the rights of the island at least for one year duration.

After 15 minutes of great fun and funny moments, the Court of Honour declares the winner for the year, according to the distance the center has been moved to some direction. This event, held every year since 2008. is based on an old legend regarding the dispute over the Mrduja island between Brač and Šolta.

Today, this manifestation is an excellent opportunity for connecting the two islands that are very poorly connected by ferry lines, as well as enrichment of the tourist offer. Following the tradition, whoever wins in the pulling contest has to organize a big party on their home island, so in the end, everybody wins.

If you would like to witness this extraordinary event, book you seat on one of our boats and be a part of this interesting tradition.

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