Visit Blue Lagoon from Split on the Exciting Speedboat ride

Depending if its a morning or the afternoon speedboat tour to Blue Lagoon we leave from Promenade in Split at 09 AM or 02:30 PM. Blue Lagoon is situated between two Krknjasi islands and the island Drvenik, only half an hour distance from Split with our fast speedboats.


As soon as we leave Split harbor,  within only  5 minutes we are already at the tip of Ciovo Peninsula (Ciovo is actualy an island which is connected by the bridge with Trogir old town). As we cruise towards Blue Lagoon on our right side we will see the church of Our Lady of Prizdinica standing proudly on the cliffs of Ciovo. The church was build in 16th century in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary by priest Juraj Stoidražić. On our left side, in the distance, you will see island Solta stretching all the way to our destination.


After 20 minutes from passing the tip of Ciovo the contours of Krknjas island begin to show and we slow down our speedboat to navigate safely into the calm bay of the Blue Lagoon. As we enter the Lagoon we do a little circle inside it giving you the opportunity to take photos of the clear turquoise sea and the surrounding nature which is the main feature of this popular attraction.

The seabed of the Blue Lagoon is made from mixture of sand and crushed sea shells which, together with the glowing sun rays, give the sea unique and unforgettable turquoise color. Besides sand and crushed sea shells there are also spots, mainly circular in shape, of sea grass which provides a nice shelter for the small fish who found their home inside the Lagoon. You can see on the sea bottom occasional sea urchins which are the main sign that the sea inside the Lagoon is extremely clean.

Since there are no dangerous sea animals in the waters of the Blue Lagoon the only thing you need to be mindful of when you enter the sea is not to step on the sea urchin. Since the sea is so clear it is almost impossible to step on one as they are clearly visible on the bottom and they do not move.


We will moor our speedboat on the pier and explain where you can go to swim and relax for the next two and a half hours. There is also a hiking trail right next to the pier where we moor our speedboat which takes you on a spot from where you can get the clear view of the entire Blue Lagoon bay and the surrounding islands. It is great spot to take memorable photos from the Blue Lagoon tour.

Before you leave the speedboat to swim, snorkel and sunbathe we will hand you the snorkelling masks so that you can experience the Blue Lagoon in the best possible way. You can choose between our brand new EasyBreath masks, which have proven to be a real hit with our guests so far, or the regular snorkelling masks which are for those who like to dive a bit deeper and are used to snorkel with them.

Photo Gallery of the Breathtaking Blue Lagoon

You can leave all your things which you don’t need in the Lagoon on our speedboat so you don’t have to carry unnecessary things with you as you are about to relax and enjoy in the sea, sun and the nature around you.

After approximately two and a half hours we will meet again on the pier where our speedboat is moored and we will continue our tour with the sightseeing of historic city of Trogir listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.