Visit Trogir on our Blue Lagoon Tour from Split

From the Blue Lagoon we continue our tour towards the old town of Trogir at around noon, on the morning tour and at around 05:00 PM on the afternoon tour. The first part of the journey takes around 20 minutes till we enter the bay of Trogir when we need to slow down our speedboat and follow the regulations when entering bays and ports in the Adriatic.

View on Trogir from Trogin Channel
Depending on the wind strength and the sea conditions on the first part of the trip till we reach Trogir channel (channel between Trogir old town and island Ciovo) there may be some spraying of the sea on the speedboat. This is because the wind and the waves are coming from the left side of our speedboat and as the waves crush on our boat the wind is carrying the drops of water on the speedboat. Many people enjoy this part of our Blue Lagoon and Trogir tour but we nevertheless provide waterproof jackets for anyone who wants them.

After approximately 20 minutes we enter the Trogir channel where the sea is always calm and we slowly begin to enter this historic town. Immediately as we enter the Trogir it is time to take out your camera as you will get the unique view on the Kamerlengo castle standing proudly on the tip of Trogir island.

Kamerlengo castle was built in the 15th century as the expansion on the existing Veriga tower which was built a century earlier. It’s impressive massive walls and the space inside the castle serve today as the stage for various performances during summer months. It is possible to enter and explore Kamerlengo but the entrance fee is required.

Trogir Promenade
We continue to our mooring spot as the busy Trogir promenade reveals in front of you. There are usually many big and small yachts moored all along the promenade giving you the hint on popularity of this beautiful town.

We moor our speedboat in the close vicinity of the Trogir city gates from where you can go and discover this historic city. After you enter the city gates the road takes you to the main square where you will find the the city clock tower and the St. Lawrence Cathedral, the most imposing monument of the city. It’s construction began in the early 13th century on the foundations of the early Christian cathedral which was destroyed by Saracens almost a century earlier.

St Lawrence Square in Trogir
Since the construction of St. Lawrence Cathedral took over 4 centuries to finish the Cathedral is an excellent example of building styles which followed one another in Dalmatia. However most of the work on the Cathedral was finished by the mid 13th century giving it primarily Romanesque style while the vault inside the Cathedral is built in Gothic style (15th century).

From the main square you are encouraged to explore the city further as the old town of Trogir has best preserved buildings from Romanesque-Gothic periods not only on the Adriatic but in entire central Europe. With castle, towers, over ten churches and a few palaces you will be enchanted with the narrow city streets that reveal to you one cultural heritage after another on an easy walk around the old town.

Photo Gallery of Trogir Old Town

Since you can walk the entire old town in about 45 minutes you will have enough time for refreshment in one of numerous bars and restaurants located on the main promenade or inside the city itself.

After one and a half hours we will meet again on our speedboat and finish our Blue Lagoon and Trogir tour by passing under Trogir’s bridge and speeding again towards the city of Split.