Perfect day for swimming and snorkeling getaway

With the summer outside temperatures regularly exceeding 32C going out on the sea with a speedboat becomes the best thing to do. These days are perfect for a half day getaway to swimming and snorkeling paradise we call the Blue Lagoon.

Beautiful Blue Lagoon Croatia

The morning tour starts at 09 AM and lasts till 02 PM while the afternoon getaway starts at 02:30 PM and lasts till 07:30 PM. On this particularly hot spring day the outside temperature was reaching 33C which was a sign that we need to escape the hot streets of Split and look for the refreshment of the Lagoon.

We arrived at the Blue Lagoon at 09:30 AM and as soon as we arrived everyone on board started taking photos of the turquoise clear water of the lagoon. You could see the happy faces as our skipper did the circle around the Lagoon explaining why the sea has this beautiful color.

The bottom of the lagoon is mixed sand with crushed shells of the shellfish and as the sun visitbluelagoonandtrogironhalfdaytourfromsplitrays bounce of it the sea lights up providing inviting and memorable view.

As soon as we docked on the pier everyone took the brand new EasyBreath snorkeling mask provided by Sugaman tours and spread out for the two hours of swimming and snorkeling paradise. As the group was completely refreshed and re-energized we headed to Trogir, a city placed on UNESCO World Heritage List, where we walked the charming narrow streets and visited all the important landmarks located in the old town.

Since the city can be explored in 45 minutes we had a time to sit on the promenade for a refreshing beverage before we rode the waves back to Split ending this perfect morning getaway tour.

Photo Gallery of The Morning Blue Lagoon and Trogir Tour