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    Šugaman Tours, travel agency Split

    We are Šugaman Tours, and we are here to make sure your time in Croatia is enjoyed to the fullest.

    We are a team of travel professionals, excursion enthusiasts, and Croatia experts who are driven by the thrill of crafting the perfect holiday for you.

    All of our tours are fine-tuned for a foolproof getaway; a day you’ll add to your memory bank for a lifetime.

    We’ll take you to the cerulean waters of the Blue Lagoon, the gushing waterfalls of Krka, the 16 interconnected Plitvice Lakes, and from one UNESCO-protected town to the next.

    We’ll guide you through the palace of a Roman Emperor and scale the top of iconic landmarks, or help you span some of Europe’s prized natural wonders.

    We’ll bring you the best of Dalmatia’s nightlife, islands, and beaches, whether you prefer island-hopping in style or posting up by the pines.

    We’ll hike the hinterland’s hills, walk the cobblestone streets, and delight in Dalmatia’s distinguished cuisine – and if you need a pickup from the airport or ride to the island, we have you covered.

    We recognize your preference and have designed tours for different types of travelers – from globetrotters in groups to private voyagers and those on a budget hoping to get the most bang for their buck.

    Whether you’re after a day trip, transfer, or private tour, we are here to offer you more.

    From the hills of Dalmatia to the islands that glitter the sea, we are with you every step of the way.

    We are Šugaman Tours, and we are destined to make your Croatian dreams a reality.

    It's all about having a great time together

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    …Discovering something for the first time… That feeling of getting lost, but somehow finding yourself…

    This is what we’re all about. A professional team specializing in fast and safe speedboat tours and transfers to the most special island locations in central Dalmatia.

    Yes, we love nothing more then exploring new places, unknown corners of this breathtaking region and uncovering its many flavours. We are thrilled to share this adventure with you!

    Transportation Service

    Speedboat transfers and land transportation service by Šugaman Tours is a fast and convenient way to reach your destination.

    You can book our transportation service for the virtually any group size. For larger groups please contact us and we will arrange a transportation service suitable for your group.


    There’s something about going private that just sounds right. That touch of class, exclusivity, and power to choose at your fingertips is not only enticing, but it’s possible with us. If you’re after a more intimate experience, want to add your touch to one of our tours, and are with a group (usually between 6 to 20 people), there is no better way to travel than by choosing one of our private tours to any of the popular destinations we offer around Split.

    Whether you’re looking to hit the Blue Cave and Hvar, the Blue Lagoon and Trogir, Krka or Plitvice Lakes, or take a city tour in Dubrovnik, everything is possible with us – and you get the chance to say that you’re going private.

    To make any one of our signature daily tours private, simply choose the ‘Private tour’ option while booking or visit desired private tour directly.


    While there are many advantages to choosing a private tour, we’ll focus on the best – like the flexibility at your fingertips when choosing your departure and arrival times (because you should always honor the early birds or late-sleepers in the group), or the fact that you get a say in the itinerary itself. It’s your group, your way, and on your time – can anyone really beat that?

    Because we want to ensure your experience with us is the intimate affair you’re after, we’ll work closely with you to adjust our tours to your wishes and promise to meet your demands as best as we can. Going private has other perks, too – like the minor but oh-so-crucial detail that it’s your group, our tour guide, and no one else. Because who wouldn’t want a speedboat or minibus to themselves? That’s right, everyone does. Even you.

    While you can make any of our signature tours private, you can also choose from our selection of private tours to some of the top islands around Split. It’s simple – we’ve provided you with the tour templates and suggested itineraries, and you are free to spice them up according to your heart’s desire. And if you’re stuck, don’t fret – we’ll be right by your side through the process to ensure the tour for you and your group is nothing less than perfect.

    So, remind us again why you wouldn’t choose going private?

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